Modern Translations

By Gerard NeCastro

Canterbury Tales (CT)

  • General Prologue (GP)
  • The Knight’s Tale (KT)
  • The Miller’s Prologue (MilT)
  • The Miller’s Tale (MilT)
  • The Reeve’s Prologue (RvT)
  • The Reeve’s Tale (RvT)
  • The Cook’s Prologue (CkT)
  • The Cook’s Tale (CkT)
  • The Man of Law’s Introduction and Prologue (MLT)
  • The Man of Law’s Tale (MLT)
  • The Man of Law’s Epilogue (MLT)
  • The Wife of Bath’s Prologue (WBT)
  • The Wife of Bath’s Tale (WBT)
  • The Friar’s Prologue (FrT)
  • The Friar’s Tale (FrT)
  • The Summoner’s Prologue (SumT)
  • The Summoner’s Tale (SumT)
  • The Clerk’s Prologue (ClT)
  • The Clerk’s Tale (ClT)
  • The Merchant’s Prologue (MerT)
  • The Merchant’s Tale (MerT)
  • The Merchant’s Epilogue (MerT)
  • The Squire’s Introduction (SqT)
  • The Squire’s Tale (SqT)
  • The Franklin’s Prologue (FranT)
  • The Franklin’s Tale (FranT)
  • The Physician’s Tale (PhyT)
  • The Introduction to the Pardoner’s Tale (PardT)
  • The Pardoner’s Prologue (PardT)
  • The Pardoner’s Tale (PardT)
  • The Shipman’s Tale (ShipT)
  • The Prioress’ Prologue (PrT)
  • The Prioress’ Tale (PrT)
  • The Prologue to the Tale of Sir Thopas (Thop)
  • The Tale of Sir Thopas (Thop)
  • The Tale of Melibee (Mel)
  • The Monk’s Prologue (MkT)
  • The Monk’s Tale (MkT)
  • The Nun’s Priest’s Prologue (NPT)
  • The Nun’s Priest’s Tale (NPT)
  • The Nun’s Priest’s Epilogue (NPT)
  • The Second Nun’s Prologue (SNT)
  • The Second Nun’s Tale (SNT)
  • The Canon’s Yeoman’s Prologue (CYT)
  • The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale (CYT)
  • The Manciple’s Prologue (MancT)
  • The Manciple’s Tale (MancT)
  • The Parson’s Prologue (ParsT)
  • The Parson’s Tale (ParsT)
  • Chaucer’s Retraction (Retr)

The Book of the Duchess (BD)

The House of Fame (HF)

Anelida and Arcite (Anel)

The Parliament of Fowls (PF)

Boece (Bo)

  • Book 1 (Bo1)
  • Book 2 (Bo2)
  • Book 3 (Bo3)
  • Book 4 (Bo4)
  • Book 5 (Bo5)

Troilus and Criseyde (Tr)

  • Book 1 (Tr1)
  • Book 2 (Tr2)
  • Book 3 (Tr3)
  • Book 4 (Tr4)
  • Book 5 (Tr5)

The Legend of Good Women (LGW)

  • Prologue F (LGW F)
  • Prologue G (LGW G)
  • The Legends (Nine Legends in One Document) (LGW)
  • The Legend of Cleopatra
  • The Legend of Thisbe
  • The Legend of Dido
  • The Legend of Hypsipyle and Medea
  • The Legend of Lucrece 
  • The Legend of Ariadne
  • The Legend of Philomela
  • The Legend of Phyllis
  • The Legend of Hypermnestra

The Shorter Poems

  • An ABC (ABC)
  • The Complaint Unto Pity (Pity)
  • A Complaint to His Lady (Lady)
  • The Complaint of Mars (Mars)
  • The Complaint of Venus (Ven)
  • To Rosemounde (Ros)
  • Womanly Noblesse (WomNobl)
  • Chaucers Wordes unto Adam, His Owne Scriveyn (Adam)
  • The Former Age (FormAge)
  • Fortune (For)
  • Truth (Truth)
  • Gentilesse (Gent)
  • Lak of Stedfastnesse (Sted)
  • Lenvoy de Chaucer a Scogan (Scog)
  • Lenvoy de Chaucer a Bukton (Buk)
  • The Complaint of Chaucer to His Purse (Purse)
  • Proverbs (Prov)
  • Against Women Unconstant (WomUnc)
  • Complaynt D’Amours (Compldam)
  • Merciles Beaute (MercB)
  • A Balade of Complaint (BalComp)

A Treatise on the Astrolabe (Astr)

  • Part 1 (Astr1)
  • Part 2 (Astr2)

The Romaunt of the Rose (Rom)

  • Fragment A
  • Fragment B
  • Fragment C