Built from the eChaucer and From Page to Stage sites, Medievalit is a collection of resources for scholars, students, and browsers of medieval literature, Chaucer, and medieval / pre-Shakespearean drama.

Medievalit began with various research, translation, and classroom projects and developed into the eChaucer and From Page to Stage sites. Gerard NeCastro (BA, Mercyhurst College; MA, U of California – Riverside; PhD, U of Wisconsin – Madison), the creator and long-time editor of these sites, after many years in the University of Maine System, recently began a new career at West Liberty University in West Liberty, West Virginia. When the Maine site, suffering from the disarray of Maine’s IT operations and the closure of the UMaine-Machias campus, he moved the sites to the present domain when the old site was inadvertently disconnected and no support to remount it was offered.

The new site will soon contain all of the basics of eChaucer and From Page to Stage and other features, such as the Chaucer Concordance will, with a little luck, return in August of 2018.  The editor (Gerard NeCastro) will seek to add new texts and translations from other scholars, and he will seek to gain a full editorial board in the near future.  Proposals for inclusion should be directed to gerard.necastro@westliberty.edu.  Please be aware, though, that no new additions will be made until the original full sites have been restored.